2006 Kansas Cycling Photos

Photos From 2006
Big Basin is a Huge natural sink hole more than one mile in diameter and about 100 feet deep. The Big Basin Prairie Preserve is now home to about 50 head of free-roaming buffalo. In the 1800s this area was often an encampment for settlers, cowboys, or Indians. Loading the luggage truck in Johnson City. A SAG stop in southwestern Kansas on BAK 2006. The Chief Theater in Coldwater, Kansas was built in 1928, and radiates a nostalgic charm from the days of silent movies, newsreels and nickelodeons. In the late 1940's the theater was decorated in a Native American theme with colorful murals in the lobby and auditorium which have been preserved to this day. This faithfully-restored theater now features current release on a new state-of-the-art projection system. The Gypsum Hills on Hwy 160 west of Medicine Lodge.
A cyclist pedals through the Gypsum Hills on Hwy 160 west of Medicine Lodge. Unloading the luggage truck at an overnight stop in Medicine Lodge, KS on BAK 2006. The Arkansas River east of Clearwater. Sunrise leaving Burden, Kansas on Hwy 160. The green southern Flint Hills east of Burden, Kansas on Hwy 160.

This is a collection of bicycling photographs from the state of Kansas, published during the year 2006. Click on individual thumbnail images to view full-sized photos.